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Starting upstream workshop materials

Advancing Policy, Systems and Environmental Change in Local Health Departments: Integrating the Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Program into Chronic Disease Prevention Efforts (Workshop Materials September 2017)
Local health department leaders from the far north region of the state met with California Department of Public Health leaders to identify opportunities and barriers to policy, systems and environmental change work and chronic disease integration, and to strategize how the local and state health departments can work together to reduce the barriers and develop the opportunities.

Planning for Health: Cross-Sector Collaboration to Achieve Healthy Communities for All (Convening Materials August 2017)
Southern California health department leaders, planning department leaders and other agency and community partners participated in an interactive workshop to foster collaboration between sectors to achieve healthy communities. Convening themes: engage communities in developing and implementing a shared vision for healthy neighborhoods, convene cross sector partners to integrate healthy community principles into policies and design, learn about data tools for developing healthy and equitable communities, and identify creative approaches to funding healthy community design.

Advancing Prevention in the 21st Century: Commitment to Action (P21) 2.0 Conference Materials (May 2017) The California Department of Public Health (CDPH), in partnership with internal and external state public and private stakeholders, convened leaders from multiple sectors and disciplines to work toward a broad, coordinated chronic disease movement. Please click the link above to view the conference presentations.

Capitalizing on New Opportunities: Planners and Public Health Work Together to Promote Healthy Communities (Convening Materials September 2016) Central California health department leaders, planning department leaders and other agency and community partners  came together for an interactive workshop to foster collaboration between sectors to design healthy built environments. Participants learned how to convene cross sector partners to design healthy communities, engage communities in developing and implementing a shared vision for safe, healthy neighborhoods, integrate healthy community policies at the city, county and regional levels, and identify creative approaches to funding healthy community design.

Working Upstream: Health Depts Partner with Communities to Effect Policy, Systems and Environmental Change in Central California 2015 (Workshop Material September 2015) Central California health department leaders and other agency and community partners working on chronic disease prevention came together for an interactive, skill –building workshop. Participants learned more about applying upstream policy, systems and environmental strategies to support healthy communities, using active transportation planning and healthy vending policies as a focus. They practiced designing communication messages that make a compelling case for these approaches.

Starting Upstream Regional Workshop Materials 2014

Health in Planning Within California's Local Health Departments (PDF)
This report summarizes an environmental scan assessing local health department (LHD) involvement in creating healthy built environments through community design and land use planning in California. While California LHDs have made significant strides in this area, the report describes key challenges, and important lessons for future efforts to integrate public health considerations into planning at the local, regional, and state levels.

Local Health Department Policy Survey summarizes local efforts underway to address Sugar Sweetened Beverages and Safe Routes to School and Walkable Communities, and identifies areas of potential opportunity for peer exchange and future efforts (2012).

The CCLHO-CHEAC Chronic Disease Prevention Framework provides a guide for coordinated, comprehensive action on chronic disease prevention in California by the public health agencies and their state and local partners (2013).

CA4Health Annual Action Institute April 2013 Conference Proceedings summarizes the annual statewide meeting of Community Transformation Grantees and others. This conference brought together 275 public health leaders from 41 California jurisdictions, to discuss how to carry out the Chronic Disease Prevention Framework at the local and regional level (2013).

Compendia of Best Practices and Tools for Reducing Consumption of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages (SSB) is a comprehensive compilation of the latest approaches, tools, program examples and case studies for local health departments interested in addressing this issue. It is aligned with the Spectrum of Prevention and organized along a continuum of efforts from those that are easy to do to those that are more challenging. The Compendia contains hyperlinks that take the reader directly to the tool or resource, covering everything from education and Rethink Your Drink campaigns, to organizational practices such as healthy vending machines and policies such as SSB taxes. It also includes sections on health equity issues in SSB consumption, research linking SSBs consumption to health, and evaluation of programs. The Compendia is organized in an excel document which contains easy-to-use, color coded tabs for each major strategy area.