California Chronic Disease
Prevention Leadership Project

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About our Project

The California Chronic Disease Prevention Leadership Project is a unique partnership of California’s local public health leaders in the California Conference of Local Health Officers (CCLHO) and the County Health Executives Association of California (CHEAC). The Leadership Project aims to make chronic disease prevention a higher priority for Local Health Departments (LHDs), to strengthen their capacity to address chronic disease, and to promote e­ffective public health practices to prevent it. We develop tools, resources, conferences and trainings to help health departments and community partners reduce chronic disease and health inequities through a comprehensive and coordinated community-based approach.

Download the regional workshop documents

About our Partners

CCLHO includes the 61 legally appointed physician Health Officers in California, one from each of the 58 counties and three cities of Berkeley, Long Beach and Pasadena. CCLHO provides a state/local forum for the discussion of significant health issues in order to develop recommendations for appropriate health policy. Its various program committees consider technical and policy issues, including those in chronic disease prevention and control.

CHEAC is a statewide organization of county and city Health Department and Agency Directors, who are responsible for the administration, oversight and delivery of a broad range of local public health and indigent health care services. Members represent a variety of administrative and health professional disciplines. CHEAC is dedicated to the promotion, protection and improvement of the health of California's population.